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About Us

Our Mission

The mission of The Elizabeth Amisano Ovarian Cancer Education Fund ("Live Like Liz Inc.") is to raise ovarian cancer awareness through education.

What We Do

Live Like Liz holds community events, fundraisers, and free educational symposiums for healthcare professionals.

Our proceeds go toward local cancer facilities for direct patient care, local and international research institutions, and scholarships for high school seniors in the Finger Lakes area.

Who We Are

The Elizabeth Amisano Ovarian Cancer Education Fund is a 501(c)3 organization administered by The Community Foundation of Elmira, Corning and the Finger Lakes.

The Fund was established in 2006 in Watkins Glen, NY by a group of incredible women looking to make a difference.

About Liz

Elizabeth Amisano, or "Liz", as she was known to her many friends, was born into a large and loving family from Watkins Glen, NY. She is survived by her mother Christina (Kelley) Amisano, older brother DJ, and younger sisters Michelle (Fuksman) and Margaret Mary (Tybor). Her loving father, Denis Amisano, passed away in September 2015.

At the age of 18, while away at her first semester of college, Elizabeth began to feel ill. She experienced vague, persistent symptoms for several months. By the time the cause was discovered, Liz had a 10-pound tumor growing from her right ovary: stage IV ovarian cancer.


Still, Liz fought on. She underwent four major surgeries and numerous rounds of chemotherapy. And somehow, she continued to live her life just as brightly. Her positive, fun, and selfless spirit was never dulled for a moment.


In an inconceivable showcase of strength, Liz seemed able to dance on through her life without missing a beat. She continued to go out with her loving friends. When she lost her hair, she bought a bright pink wig—though she mostly rocked a bandana. And a smile. She never ceased to brighten up a room and uplift those around her. She often prayed for others suffering from poverty or disease from her own hospital bed. She continued to love and put others before herself; to find laughter; to enjoy her life.

Elizabeth battled ovarian cancer for two years. She passed away on October 12, 2005 at just 20 years old.

About Liz

Our Mission

The symptoms of ovarian cancer are vague. There are very few reliable diagnostics tests and screenings, making ovarian cancer difficult to detect in early stages. This is what makes it so deadly.


After Elizabeth passed away, a group of women from her community that were long-time friends of the Amisano family sat heartbroken around a kitchen table. They wondered what they could possibly do to help prevent such a tragedy from unfolding again, and how they could help carry on Liz's spirit. Live Like Liz was born.

The mission of Live Like Liz is to promote ovarian cancer awareness through education. By raising awareness of the symptoms of this deadly disease and helping women afflicted with it, our goal is to help decrease the mortality rate of ovarian cancer.

The Elizabeth Amisano Ovarian Cancer Education Fund is a 501(c)3 organization administered by The Community Foundation of Elmira, Corning and the Finger Lakes. It is through the assistance of the Community Foundation that the Education Fund was founded in 2006.


Meet Our Officers

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Mary Ellen Fraboni



Margaret Tybor



Christina Amisano

Vice President

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Hilary Niver-Johnson



Katie Richardson



Make a difference for the ladies you love.

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